Sunday, November 27, 2016

{PARTY TIME} Circus Party

We love a good circus party! This party was for a long standing client who always has great parties. She likes for the guests to be able to move around and engage in the activities they enjoy and stop for a bite to eat when they feel like it. This creates a very relaxed atmosphere where everyone moves around and enjoys the festive offerings. 

A circus themed party is perfect when you have siblings of different ages or genders celebrating together like we did here. The colour scheme was a slight variation on the traditional red, white and blue used for circus parties, we stuck with the red and white but switch the blue to black along with a splash of bright colours just to mix things up a bit. The marquee lights were perfect for this set up! It gave the party a slight retro feel. 

A cake table always adds a sense of occasion to an event but this one also added a sense of fun. The children got to chose their own cake and went with this delightful clown.  

Our different food stations worked perfectly for this party. The guests moved around the different activities and then went and got food when they were hungry. It's a good way to manage things when you have a lot of guests rather than trying to feed everyone all at once. 

There were lots of great activities on offer including face painting, art station, paper craft, caricaturist, pony rides, soft play and of course fun and games because it isn't a party without games! 

And last but not least was our popular photo booth. Our new set up provides lots of entertainment as well as great photos for the guests. Children of all ages can navigate it and have loads of fun adding filters to their photos before printing them to take home. 

We are so excited to have one of our favourite photographers back in town to provide us will beautifully photos. Check her our here -

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