Tuesday, December 1, 2015

{Things We Love} Winter Love

This is our second Things We Love blog post. It's a post where we focus on things we love and things that are inspiring us from around the net and out in the wider world! 

We are feeling inspired by flowers which is kind of odd since it is winter. But those of you based in the Middle East know that flowers last a lot longer here in winter than they do in summer. It can often be hard to incorporate flowers into events in Qatar due to both the cost and availability. Sometimes it is a matter of working backwards - looking at what is currently available at a reasonable price and then working them into an event. How cute are those floral party hats! 

We are officially in love with Loryn Loves! She is based in Melbourne and has the most amazing cakes and desert platters. She has her own blog - lorynloves.com or you can find her on instagram and facebook

We love a bit of Christmas cheer here at Chocolate Fish. Our favourite Christmas App is PNP - Portable North Pole. You can get custom videos and even custom phone calls from Santa. The kids love it and it is super easy to use from your phone or ipad! Find it here.  

And lastly some thing to inspire you! Here is a picture of our free Christmas printables in use. They are aimed to inspire you and to make it easy to give your Christmas party a bit of extra pizzazz. Click here for the downloadable files. 

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