Tuesday, September 15, 2015

{Inspiration} Eid Celebration

We are excited to bring you some lovely photos of our latest Eid offerings. We have been working in collaboration with Eid Creations which is US based company that deals in party ware exclusively for Islamic holidays. 

We love the understated elegance of this set up. The white highlights the gold and silver and the crescent moon and stars allow for a bit of sparkles. And you all know how much we like a bit of sparkle! 

The trick with using white as the base colour for a set up is to add in accents that will make it pop or make it sparkle. We cut our shiny stars and crescent moons to match the plates from Eid Creations. The sequinned runner also adds some sparkle to give everything a lift. 

This was styled with a small family celebration in mind. We wanted to keep it simple and sophisticated. There are a few snacks on the table to keep the children happy while they wait for their dinner to be served. 

How sweet are these little take home treats. It is always nice to send your guests home with a little treat. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate just something simple that ties into the theme and the style of the party. 

If you want to attempt something like this at home here is a link to the water bottle labels which you can download for free. https://www.scribd.com/doc/281024802/EID-Water-Bottle-Labels

Plates and napkins available from Eid Creations - http://eidcreations.com
Photo's by Apple from Apple Diaz-Ramos Photography - https://www.facebook.com/Apple-Diaz-Ramos-Photography-1664309777182453/timeline/
Styling by Chocolate Fish Parties - http://www.chocolatefishparties.com

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