Tuesday, September 29, 2015

{Freebies} Halloween Freebies

A quick and easy way to add some pizazz to your Hallowe'en party this year! This FREE printable pack includes tented cards, party circles, water bottle wraps and treat bag toppers.

Print out as many as you like and you'll be set for a stylishly chic Hallowe'en party that'll be the talk of the town! Click here to download the file.

Ready to pull some Hallowe'en hijinks? Play 'You've been Booed!' All you do is sneak up to the doorstep (or at work, the office door) of an unsuspecting friend, anonymously leave a treat and door hanger, and skedaddle! Will your eager figure out who mischievously left the treat, or be left baffled? The fun continues when they pay it forward to others. A great game to get started on your compound or in your apartment building. Click here to download the file.

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