Thursday, April 16, 2015

{Inspiration} Camping Fun!

Today's post is for all the DIYers out there looking for a simple easy party. The aim of this party is to keep it simple and use what you have. It is a great theme and works well for any ages. This set up was for older kids. Start with a table cloth you already have in the cupboard or if you are lucky enough to have a nice wooden outdoor table ditch the table cloth all together and just go for a natural look. 

We went for a more traditional BBQ/picnic look with the red and white and touches of yellow.  The simple menu of burgers and chips followed by s'mores meant we didn't even need cutlery. Drinks were also kept simple with homemade lemonade and water. 

When everyone arrived they help light the BBQ and while the coals were burning down they started preparing their sticks for when it came time to roast marshmallows. We gathered all the swiss army knives we could find so each child could get a stick and a knife. After a few safety tips and a couple of lessons in whittling they spent the next 20 minutes whittling their sticks to a nice point ready for their marshmallows. This a great activity for older kids and fab for keeping them busy for a while. 

Once the coals burnt down a bit it was burger cooking time! Everyone chipped in and while their patties were cooking they prepared the rest of their bun. By the time dinner had been eaten the coals were perfect for marshmallow roasting and s'mores making! 

It wouldn't be a sleep over without a midnight feast. The midnight feast was a home made chocolate chip cookie, some chex mix and a mini chocolate bar. We used paper CD cases for the cookies - this is a great way to present any type of cookie. Make your favourite cookie recipe and then just ensure the cookies big enough so they can fill a CD case. This also works well as a take home treat. 

Keep it simple again at breakfast. We suggest having everything prepared and ready to go the day before as chances are after a lack of sleep you will just want to lay everything out as quickly as possible. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

{Party Time} Pool Parties

With the lovely weather we have at this time of year we have been having lots of pool party fun. Our rugby stripe table cloths work so well with this theme giving a lovely beachy feel to the set up. We have also used polka dots which is a fun twist on a picnic set up that looks right at home next to the pool. The primary colours provide a bold burst of colour which works well next to the blue of the pool. The pictures below are a selection from a few pool parties we have done in the past couple of months. 

Feeding kids pool side is super easy with one of our burger bars or hotdog stands. Make sure you have plenty though as all that swimming makes a kid hungry. Follow it up with an ice cream sundae station and all your feeding needs are taken care of! If you think they can not last until their meal time without a snack then the popcorn or candy floss is a fun addition. 


The beauty about a pool party is it is easy for the children to keep themselves busy swimming. We can provide you with life guards to keep everyone safe and we also offer fun and games in the pool with is a hit especially with the over 6 crowd! The other popular activities have been our always popular pinatas and photo booths.