Monday, March 2, 2015

{Party Time} Retro Travel Christening

This was something different for us! It was a christenings party for a sweet little boy who was christened at 4 months old. It was a fun theme of retro travel but due to a terrible weather forecast we had to move inside at the last minute. It is always a bit tricky changing things up at the last minute for a new venue but we were lucky that it all came together in the end. 

We loved the back drop to the cake and candy table. The 3D effect uplifts it all and of course the design have a lovely retro feel to it. 

It was fun working on the signage. We have originally planned to have the set up include seating for 50 people but due to space restraints that wasn't possible. Luckily the bags with all the utensils, water and napkins worked well as a baggage claim so people could collect their food and then go to the baggage desk to get everything else they needed to eat. 

Our Photo Booth was as popular as ever! We had a great selection of retro travel related props so everyone was keen to have their 'passport photo' taken before heading home. 

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