Sunday, March 29, 2015

{Party Time} Fairy Time

This beautiful fairy party was held at our about to be new venue! The venue is not quite ready for prime time but is slowly coming together - there are still a few details that need taking care of. Stay tuned for more details. 

This was a delightful party for a 6 year old. There were a total of 10 children which allows for some activities that are too difficult to manage with a larger crowd. 

The details of this party were very sweet. The table setting included lovely little flower headbands for the children to wear thoughout the party. We also used our fabulous mason jar's with lids to add a little shabby chic fell. Because of the smaller number of children we served the dainty fairy food on the table. 

The highlight of the party was decorating gingerbread fairy houses. This is a great activity to keep the children busy! They love it and it is fun to watch each different child's approach to it. Some of theme just smear it in icing and lay everything on thick while others take their sweet time and pay attention to to the details. 

There was also a large fairy house for the children to paint. This is one of our popular activities that keep the children busy for ages. After they had done the craft activities and eaten lunch there were a few games including pass the parcel and other fairy related fun. The children all got to taken home a hand crafted fairy want and fairy wings. 

Photos by ByZangenberg -

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