Wednesday, December 16, 2015

{New & Exciting} Bonjour Chiara Collabration

So many exciting things happening here at Chocolate Fish! We are really honored to announce an ongoing collaboration with Bonjour Chiara who is launching her exclusive Mrs B Events. Chiara is a high-profile fashion and life style blogger in Qatar. She is now launching her own events! We will be helping her with the event planning and styling. 

To launch Mrs B Events, we worked together on a National Day celebration. It was a loads of fun and we had a lot of support from Karen Millen, Brothers & Sisters, Wojooh Beauty AppleSnaps and the Katara Arts Centre. 

We went with a Henna inspired look in the Qatar national colours of maroon and white. It looked fabulous in the all white studio at the Katara Arts Centre. There was a lovely selection of Arabic goodies to snack on.

Events are always more fun when there are interactive activities to participate in. Sticking with the henna theme we had a henna workshop where guests got a chance to learn the basics of henna. The talented girls from Wojooh give everyone a change to perfect their eye makeup and of course there was one of our fun photo booths.

Also on display and to try out were the lovely turbans from Brothers and Sisters. Chiara matched the turbans with stylish outfits from Karen Millen and gave attendees some ideas on how to style a turban. 

All guests got these wonderful goodie bags from Mrs B. Chocolate Fish produced the bags for Mrs B from one of her signature drawings. Wojooh filled them up with goodies! 

Photos by AppleSnaps

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

{New & Exciting} We have a Venue!

We are really excited to announce we are teaming up with Katara Arts Center to offer our signature parties at Katara. It is a stunning location and the perfect backdrop to our party set ups. There is also the option of indoor and outdoor space! 

Chocolate Fish's same fabulous set ups and food stations against the stunning backdrop of The Katara Art's Center. 

Our same great activities and games with plenty of indoor and outdoor space to do them!

Taking bookings now! Contact us through our web site - click here

Photo's by AppleSnaps

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

{Things We Love} Winter Love

This is our second Things We Love blog post. It's a post where we focus on things we love and things that are inspiring us from around the net and out in the wider world! 

We are feeling inspired by flowers which is kind of odd since it is winter. But those of you based in the Middle East know that flowers last a lot longer here in winter than they do in summer. It can often be hard to incorporate flowers into events in Qatar due to both the cost and availability. Sometimes it is a matter of working backwards - looking at what is currently available at a reasonable price and then working them into an event. How cute are those floral party hats! 

We are officially in love with Loryn Loves! She is based in Melbourne and has the most amazing cakes and desert platters. She has her own blog - or you can find her on instagram and facebook

We love a bit of Christmas cheer here at Chocolate Fish. Our favourite Christmas App is PNP - Portable North Pole. You can get custom videos and even custom phone calls from Santa. The kids love it and it is super easy to use from your phone or ipad! Find it here.  

And lastly some thing to inspire you! Here is a picture of our free Christmas printables in use. They are aimed to inspire you and to make it easy to give your Christmas party a bit of extra pizzazz. Click here for the downloadable files. 

{Freebies} Christmas Party Printables

Here are some fun Christmas printables to add a bit of spark to your Christmas party! This FREE printable pack includes tented cards, party circles, water bottle wraps and gift tags. 

Print out as many as you like and you'll be set for a fun Christmas party that'll be easy to pull off! Click here to download the file.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

{Baby Shower} Hey Baby!

We are adding this new Hey Baby! theme to our baby shower offerings. This is more vibrant and bold compared to our more muted Baby Love theme. We have used emerald green as the accent colour for this gender neutral shower but it would work just as well with electric blue or hot pink. 

The black and white stripe with the emerald green was inspired by Kate Spade. It's such a striking colour combination and gives a real sense of occasion. 

The informal flowers worked to make the set up slightly less formal and helped to create a more relaxed atmosphere. 

It's always nice to have a sit down meal where guests can linger around the table and chat while their meal is served to them rather than a buffet where they are up and down throughout the meal. Printed menu's are an added touch that make the luncheon feel more like a celebration. 

We are a big fan of the latest naked cake trend. For this shower we went for something in between a naked cake and a formal cake. We love the final outcome! This red velvet and cream cheese cake was prepared for us by Sylive from Sisslos Cakes (find her FB page here) and we added in one of our custom toppers.

Everyone loves a wee individually packaged treat. Dessert of Salted Caramel Brownies were served in these cute little gold boxes tied with baking stings. The sweet little take home treats were kept simple but still had a striking appeal. 

Phones by AppleSnaps

Sunday, November 15, 2015

{Party Time} Art Party

It was a real treat styling this party. It really was a blast of colourful fun! We worked to fulfill the clients vision who had requested white base with blasts of colour splashed over it. Turning clients visions into reality is a lot of fun. 

The birthday girl was a delight. She was so excited and enthusiastic about the activities 
and joined in with everything. Activities included a drawing station, cartoon drawer, our popular photo booth and a session of our fun & games. 

The guests got to nibble on movie theater style popcorn and candy floss until dinner was served. 

Take home treats were these delightful candy filled paint pots. A very simple and effective thank you treat for the guests to take away with them. 

Photos by AppleSnaps

Friday, November 6, 2015

{Party Time} Olaf!

We have done a lot of Frozen parties but for this one, the client asked for it to be focused more on Olaf than the sisters! It was for three siblings - two sisters and a brother so the focus being on Olaf worked really well. 

The colour pallet for Frozen is fun - blues, whites and silver. It means you can take the decoration in any direction - chic and sophisticated or fun and a bit crazy.  We decided to go with chic and sophisticated for this set up. The blue and sliver was lovely and gave a nice wintery feel. It would be a fun colour pallet to use for a Christmas party. 

Activities included face painting, Olaf puppet making, cookie wand decorating (always very popular), balloon stuffing and our popular photo booth. The photo booth is such a fun activity for the guests and also provides a special gift to take home. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

{Party Time} A Simple and Chic Halloween

We wanted to do something a little more sophisticated for Halloween this year so we went for a monochrome look with a touch of purple. We love how it turned out. Aren't these marquee lights fab! 

It was a simple dinner before the children went off Trick or Treating. We were sure to serve food that was going to full them up and not leave too much room for candy ; )

How fab are these popcorn boxes?! We are able to customize EVERYTHING even popcorn boxes.  

Monday, October 12, 2015

{Things We Love} Fall Love

This is a new feature for us that we plan to post every season on our blog. Things we love and things that are inspiring us here at Chocolate Fish HQ from around the net and out in the wider world! 

We are feeling inspired by Kate Spade at the moment. We are channelling this inspiration into a new theme we will be offering soon. Loving that emerald green dress! 

We are also loving this blog that is all things yummy - http://www.bakeplaysmile.comLucy was an elementary school teacher who loved to bake and now she works full time on her delicious blog. It is jam packed with lots of savory and sweet recipes that make great party treats. 

We are so in love with Ms Ana's fabulous hand made dolls that we had to order some. She can make them to your likeness by matching hair, skin tone and little details to you - all you have to do is send a picture to her. You even get to choose the clothes you want! Take a look at her Instagram page - she is based in Qatar but will ship worldwide! Find her on Instagram at Anas.Bows (

And last but not least we are inspired by our clients who are keen to try new ideas and exciting themes. One of our recent favorites was this baking party where the birthday girl went all out and had her guests make everything - baking hats, pizza and cake! It was so much fun and such a great way to celebrate turning 8! 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

{Freebies} Halloween Freebies

A quick and easy way to add some pizazz to your Hallowe'en party this year! This FREE printable pack includes tented cards, party circles, water bottle wraps and treat bag toppers.

Print out as many as you like and you'll be set for a stylishly chic Hallowe'en party that'll be the talk of the town! Click here to download the file.

Ready to pull some Hallowe'en hijinks? Play 'You've been Booed!' All you do is sneak up to the doorstep (or at work, the office door) of an unsuspecting friend, anonymously leave a treat and door hanger, and skedaddle! Will your eager figure out who mischievously left the treat, or be left baffled? The fun continues when they pay it forward to others. A great game to get started on your compound or in your apartment building. Click here to download the file.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

{Party Time} Minecraft

We have been lucky this season by being able to do some fun new boys' parties. We had a lot of fun with this Minecraft theme. It was nice to be able to work with a different colour pallet from what we usually get to work with. 

Working out what to label the food so that it fitted in with the Minecraft theme kept us entertained for a while. The birthday boy also came up with some ideas for us. We always love it when we can incorporate some of the celebrant's ideas into the party. 

Each guest got a 'lunch box' with their dinner inside - melon, bread (pizza rolls) and coal (oat & coconut chocolate macaroon). We have found that giving the children a lunch box or a meal is the best way to feed everyone (and with the least amount of waste). 

We kept the cake very simple so that it could be a chocolate mousse cake as per the birthday boy's request. The custom cake topper helped bring everything together and added a bit of pizzazz to the cake (we can make custom cake toppers for any theme - its an easy way to jazz up a cake and tie it into the theme). 

The children started off with some Minecraft paper craft. Paper craft is a good activity to keep the kids busy while all the guests arrive. Once everyone had arrived the fun & games activity started which kept everyone on the go for an hour. After that they ate and blew the candles out. We also have our great new airbrush face painting activity - more on that soon.  We closed the party with the fabulous TNT piƱata

Take home treats were Minecraft t-shirts. We love it when we can give the children something useful as a take home treat.