Sunday, March 9, 2014

{Party Time} Mermaids & Pirates

I love the 'colours of the sea' palette we used for this party. These colours are a move away from the traditional pink mermaid parties and red and black pirate parties. It is a great theme that works well for both boys and girls. 

This table cloth had the perfect amount of sparkle to make it feel like the sea. We also added a fun pirate flag to the table setting that made it feel like the children were in a pirate ship when they sat down to eat. 

The food was tied into the theme with lots of regular party food renamed. We went for a simple but theme appropriate cake made by Abby from Simply Sugar Designs. Our new 'wooden' canopy worked really well for this theme giving it a rustic by the sea feel. 

The children had fun decorating treasure chests and starfish wands. Once they had done their decorating they went on a treasure hunt to find treasures to put in their boxes to take home with them. 

 As always the Photo Booth was a hit. The children love the instant gratification of getting pictures with their friends to take home with them. We are loving our new 'wooden' back drop - like the canopy it worked perfectly with this theme. 

On top of their treasure chests and photos the girls got to take home mermaid tails and the boys got pirate party hats. Its great to send the children home with something they will continue to play with long after the party is over. 

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