Sunday, February 2, 2014

{Inspiration} Pretty It Up!

Take something simple and pretty it up! It is often easy to make something look pretty and festive just by thinking about it a little before you launch into it. Take these regular chocolate cupcakes they look ready for an occasion by simply baking them in fancy cup cake cases and presenting them on a cupcake stand. 

When buying a cupcake stand make sure you chose one that will cover lots of different occasions. This can often mean going for a simpler one that is more versatile than some of the lovely ornate ones available. In Qatar they have nice selections at The One, Tasmen and Magnolia Bakery. Pretty cupcake cases are harder to find. You can sometimes get nice ones at Tavola or Lakeland (very close to each other in City Centre). 

So next time you are baking for an occasion think about it before you launch in and try and pretty it up just a little. 

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  1. I've even seen cute cupcake cases at Daiso, Hyatt Plaza.