Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{Party Time} Keep it Simple

Sometimes it is more effective to keep things simple! Recently we did a Pippi Long Stockings inspired tea party - it was fun and festive yet simple. It is fun to go all out and have a big bash but there are times when it works just as well to keep things simple and go for a more low key approach. 

For this sweet little tea party we went for the 'family style' approach with all the food laid out on the table for the children to help themselves to. This works well if the children are a little older and can serve themselves without too much help. We kept the food simple and went with cupcakes rather than cake. The drinks were water and home made lemonade. 

We chose the colour scheme from the Pippi Long Stockings tea set. The water bottle labels gave it a sense of occasion and the vibrant red gave a nice festive vibe to the setting. 

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