Saturday, January 25, 2014

{Inspiration} Candy Buffet

We love our Candy Buffets! We thought to inspire you we would share one we did recently for a disco themed party. A Candy Buffet adds a fun splash of colour and fun to any party set up and of course everyone (kids & adults alike) loves them! 

The disco party colour scheme was pink and black along with some splashes of silver. The pictures above show how the candy buffet table came together with the cake as the centre piece.  The glass apothecary jars look fabulous filled with different coloured candy and add a sophisticated twist to the Candy Buffet. The pictures below give you a glimpse of the rest of the party so you can see we tied the Candy Buffet in with the rest of the theme and colour scheme. 

You are a little limited in Doha with what is available but we know where to get all the best candy so can usually come up with a selection that fits with the colour scheme and of course people always have their favourites that we add in regardless of colour!  Our candy buffets also do double time as the children can fill a bag with candy as their take home treat. 

Photography - Jessica at Jessica Monteiro Photography
Cake - Pet at Pretty Crumbs
Cake Pops - Abby at Simply Sugar Designs

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  1. Very true!! Candy buffet adds color and fun to a party. Well these days I am planning my conference at most famous meeting space San Francisco, and will book bakers for such cute cupcakes with tea. Hope my clients will love having them.