Tuesday, April 1, 2014

{Party Time} Cars

Cars has always been a popular Disney theme but we moved away from the traditional red and white and went for a more stylish black and white look. We were very lucky to be working in such a beautiful garden which made for a lovely backdrop for the party. 

The popcorn stand provided the children with something to snack on while they were painting and playing games. 

Our popular decorate a truck activity is the perfect activity for any transport related theme. The kids had a ball painting the entire truck inside and out! They had a break from it to do some fun & games before dinner and cake was served but went straight back to it after dinner.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

{Party Food} Banana Dogs

Banana Dogs are all the rage in our house at the moment. They are cheap, simple and nutritious. We do them in 3 flavours - peanut butter, 100's & 1000's and cinnamon & sugar. 

It is super easy - start with half a slice of shawarma bread (or other very thin bread) and lay a banana in the middle. Mash the banana slightly with a folk and then add either sprinkles, peanut butter or cinnamon & sugar. Roll up and eat. 

We have taken to making our own home made peanut butter as it is so difficult to find peanut butter in Doha without added sugar - I'll post how to do this next week. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

{Party Time} Mermaids & Pirates

I love the 'colours of the sea' palette we used for this party. These colours are a move away from the traditional pink mermaid parties and red and black pirate parties. It is a great theme that works well for both boys and girls. 

This table cloth had the perfect amount of sparkle to make it feel like the sea. We also added a fun pirate flag to the table setting that made it feel like the children were in a pirate ship when they sat down to eat. 

The food was tied into the theme with lots of regular party food renamed. We went for a simple but theme appropriate cake made by Abby from Simply Sugar Designs. Our new 'wooden' canopy worked really well for this theme giving it a rustic by the sea feel. 

The children had fun decorating treasure chests and starfish wands. Once they had done their decorating they went on a treasure hunt to find treasures to put in their boxes to take home with them. 

 As always the Photo Booth was a hit. The children love the instant gratification of getting pictures with their friends to take home with them. We are loving our new 'wooden' back drop - like the canopy it worked perfectly with this theme. 

On top of their treasure chests and photos the girls got to take home mermaid tails and the boys got pirate party hats. Its great to send the children home with something they will continue to play with long after the party is over. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

{Party Time} Princess Perfection

We loved this party - pink, pink and more pink! It was a lovely outdoor princess party. It's great when the weather allows for the party to be outside as gardens usually provide such a nice outlook and it allows the guest more freedom to run around. This party was set up so the children could partake in the face painting and cookie decorating as their leisure. 

A beautifully presented meal of burgers and crisps was served to the children. The crisp were served in custom paper cups and the burgers had matching princess flags. 

Our popular cookie decorating was one of the activites  We loved the cookie wands! Easy to decorate and not mess to eat! There was also face painting available for the guests. 

Photos by Anna from Dream Machine 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

{Inspiration} Party Dresses

We are really excited to have Sarah Derrig guest blog for us today. Sarah is the creator of Lady Sadie’s Emporium, a lifestyle blog. She has hunted out the best girls party dresses in Doha! 

I love children’s birthday parties, the joy of seeing those little faces get so excited over games, face painting, dancing and the cutting of the cake. One of the rituals I love most with my daughter is each year going and picking out a special dress for her to wear to her birthday party. I think it’s safe to say that most little girls love a good party frock to make them feel special on their special day.

This week I went on a mission to find the best party dresses available in Doha. Next, Monsoon, Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren have an amazing range of dresses at the moment that are available in store and online.

Top Row (L-R) Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, Next, Monsoon,   Bottom Row (L-R) Monsoon, Christian Dior, Next, Ralph Lauren.

Zara Kids also have some fantastic dresses, ranging from pretty florals to rock chick glam.

Whatever your little lady decides to wear on the day, there is plenty of dresses available in Doha to suit all styles and budgets.

You can visit Sarah's blog Lady Sadie's Emporium here and you can find her on Face book here.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

{Inspiration} Pretty It Up!

Take something simple and pretty it up! It is often easy to make something look pretty and festive just by thinking about it a little before you launch into it. Take these regular chocolate cupcakes they look ready for an occasion by simply baking them in fancy cup cake cases and presenting them on a cupcake stand. 

When buying a cupcake stand make sure you chose one that will cover lots of different occasions. This can often mean going for a simpler one that is more versatile than some of the lovely ornate ones available. In Qatar they have nice selections at The One, Tasmen and Magnolia Bakery. Pretty cupcake cases are harder to find. You can sometimes get nice ones at Tavola or Lakeland (very close to each other in City Centre). 

So next time you are baking for an occasion think about it before you launch in and try and pretty it up just a little. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{Party Time} Keep it Simple

Sometimes it is more effective to keep things simple! Recently we did a Pippi Long Stockings inspired tea party - it was fun and festive yet simple. It is fun to go all out and have a big bash but there are times when it works just as well to keep things simple and go for a more low key approach. 

For this sweet little tea party we went for the 'family style' approach with all the food laid out on the table for the children to help themselves to. This works well if the children are a little older and can serve themselves without too much help. We kept the food simple and went with cupcakes rather than cake. The drinks were water and home made lemonade. 

We chose the colour scheme from the Pippi Long Stockings tea set. The water bottle labels gave it a sense of occasion and the vibrant red gave a nice festive vibe to the setting. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

{Inspiration} Candy Buffet

We love our Candy Buffets! We thought to inspire you we would share one we did recently for a disco themed party. A Candy Buffet adds a fun splash of colour and fun to any party set up and of course everyone (kids & adults alike) loves them! 

The disco party colour scheme was pink and black along with some splashes of silver. The pictures above show how the candy buffet table came together with the cake as the centre piece.  The glass apothecary jars look fabulous filled with different coloured candy and add a sophisticated twist to the Candy Buffet. The pictures below give you a glimpse of the rest of the party so you can see we tied the Candy Buffet in with the rest of the theme and colour scheme. 

You are a little limited in Doha with what is available but we know where to get all the best candy so can usually come up with a selection that fits with the colour scheme and of course people always have their favourites that we add in regardless of colour!  Our candy buffets also do double time as the children can fill a bag with candy as their take home treat. 

Photography - Jessica at Jessica Monteiro Photography
Cake - Pet at Pretty Crumbs
Cake Pops - Abby at Simply Sugar Designs