Tuesday, December 3, 2013

{Party Time} Fabulous Activities

Today we are sharing with you a car themed party that we did a few weeks ago. It was a party for two year old Yousef but the guests varied in age from babies to 12 year olds. It was a stunning success because there were lots activities to keep everyone busy and happy. The children spent their time moving from activity to activity before sitting down to a meal for dinner. 

The eating area was set up in the middle of the beautiful garden as a focal point. All the activities were set up around the edges. 

Yousef's Bakery was fantastic. The children could come and decorate cupcakes and cookies and either eat them right then and there or take them home to enjoy later on. As you can probably guess not many made it home! 

The play dough fun station was set up in front of the cake table. As always we colour coordinated the play dough with the party theme. This is usually a very popular activity as children of all ages seem to really enjoy it. 

The other activities on offer were face painting and mask making. As lots of you probably already know we have the best face painters in Qatar! Not only do they do an amazing job of the children's faces but they also manage the children well and have a great system to make sure the children don't have to stand around waiting for their turn so they can go off and play until their turn comes up. 

There was also a popcorn station to hold off any hunger until dinner was served. 

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