Wednesday, December 11, 2013

{Inspiration} Christmas Tree!

We have what I guess could be termed an eclectic Christmas tree. It has neither a theme or a colour scheme! It is a random collection of decorations collected from all over the world. I have been an expat longer than I haven't been and early on in my expat career I decided I was going to buy a Christmas ornament from every place I visited. 

We now have bells from Camaguey in Cuba, baubles from Florence in Italy, leather camels from the markets of Fez in Morocco, ceramic eggs from Istanbul in Turkey, elephants from Colombo in Sri Lanka . . . I could go on like this for ages as there is not a decoration on the tree that isn't 'from somewhere'. As I get older and can not remember things as well as I used to I have to put dates on the bottom of some of them so I remember when I got them. I usually remember where they came from. 

Sometimes the decoration was clearly intended to be for the Christmas tree and other times we have 'adapted' them into becoming ornaments. As the children have come along they get to chose too so we are developing an even more eclectic collection! 

Clockwise from top left - New York sign clearly from NYC, the lovely ceramic bauble in the background is from Florence, Baby's First Christmas is from the Vienna Christmas market, the enamel ball and bell (on either side of the horse) is from Beijing and were one of my first purchases over 20 years ago, the little red horse is from Stockholm in Sweden,  Qatar Camel from right here in Doha - Doha Designs sells these.

With family in the US we visit there more often then some other places so we lots from various locations around the country. The Kringles Confections is from our Christmas in the US in 2011, Sea World Elmo is from a trip to Sea World in Orlando, Florida, the red and blue cable car is from San Francisco. 

Enjoy putting up your Christmas tree this year! 

Photos by Anna from Dream Machine
Qatar camel available from Doha Designs 

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