Saturday, November 30, 2013

{Party Time} Dream Machine & Chocolate Fish

Those of you who have worked with us before or follow us on Facebook know we usually use Jessica Monteiro from Jessica Monteiro Photography to do all our photographic work but both Jessica and Chocolate Fish have become so busy that we had to go on the hunt for someone else to help us out when Jessica was unavailable. We were very lucky to have found Anna from Dream Machine. So today we though we would share some pictures she did for one of our clients recently. 

I love how Anna has highlighted all the little details of this shabby chic garden party. She really captures the sweet little decorative details of both the theme and the colour scheme. 

At Chocolate Fish we know that a professional photographer makes a huge difference when you are trying to catch all the elements of a party. They can capture all the details no matter what conditions they are working under!  

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

{Party Food} Chocolate Fish Thanksgiving Mix

We are celebrating Thanksgiving here at Chocolate Fish! I usually make Chex Mix at both Thanksgiving and Christmas but this year Qatar being Qatar I could not find Chex so I decided to come up with an alternative. 

It is super easy. Mix one bag of Bugles (they look just like mini cornucopias), 2 packets of Best 100g Mixed Nuts, 1 packet of Saltletts Cocktail Mix (mini crackers & pretzels), a generous handful of Cameral Corn and the same of Reeses Pieces (if you are lucky both are available from Mega Mart). Stir it all together in a large bowl and then divide into smaller containers or serving dishes. Enjoy! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

{Inspiration} Gingerbread House Decorating

At Chocolate Fish we LOVE gingerbread house decorating! We have had lots of question from clients lately about how to go about making gingerbread houses so thought we would share with you a few ideas to show you how easy it can be. 

The first thing to do is find a recipe that works for you. It is easy enough to find everything you need in Doha to make ginger bread. Here is a recipe I have used in the past. 

Make sure when you roll out your dough to cut the house that you do not roll it too thin. If it is a bit thicker then it is less likely to break.  

If you are hosting a party go for smaller houses like the ones shown here. We use a template from Martha Stewart for the pattern. Print it on paper, cut it out and then lay it on your dough and use a pizza cutter to cut it out. You can find the template here

You can buy the royal icing they talk about on the template here in Doha. Just check on the icing sugar packet that it says Royal Icing and follow the instructions on the packet to make it and then you should be good to go. You can get the disposable piping bags from Daiso at Hyatt Plaza.  

The houses can be made in advance and kept until you need them. They will make your house smell divine! And of course the other option is to get Mega Bite Catering to do all the hard work for you. If you are going to order from them make sure you give them plenty of notice. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

{Party Time} African Safari Party

We have a treat for you today. Guest blogger Jaime from Dindindies in the UK is sharing with us a fabulous party she threw for her 4 year old son. She has includes all the creative details for you! The printables are available from her online shop. To go directly to her shop click here.

My 'big' boy turned 4 recently and got to celebrate his birthday in my home country - Zimbabwe, Africa. So, what better theme to have than an African Safari party.

Children's Table

Safari Cupcakes
We made the cupcakes ourselves, covered in white icing and using red and blue sprinkles to resemble 'ants'! Wondering about that cool cupcake tower? Designed and laser cut by my mum's company Screen Speed! I designed some themed toppers for the cupcakes, and used the paper patterns that were incorporated throughout the party to make coordinating "cupcake wrappers".

Monkey Pops
These were quick and easy and loved by the kiddes - I bought monkey sweets from our local supermarket and used icing to 'glue' 2 faces together with a pop stick in the middle. The pop stand was another fabulous creation by Screen Speed.

Savoury and Sweet popcorn were served in coordinating party theme popcorn cones and displayed in ANOTHER great stand designed by Screen Speed.

Jungle Juice
Juice bottles were dressed up using hessian fabric and wrapped with custom labels for the kids. I also designed some straw flags to add a little detail to the straws.

Mud Pies
These were little round shaped brownies covered in nutella - HEAVENLY.

Safari Sandwiches
We also made up some 'WILD' animal shaped sandwiches with the kids favourite fillings - peanut butter, nutella and marmite.

Grown-up Food Table  

Crème brûlée
My mum made my all time favourite dessert - crème brûlée - topped with crushed meringueThese were served in little jars that were trimmed with coordinating hessian fabric and I designed some little scalloped party circles to go on each jar.

Veggie Shots
Trying to bring some healthiness to the table I served batons of carrots, cucumber and pepper in shot glasses with roasted onion hummus and again these had the party circles with either the number 4 or Levi's name.

Mud Balls
These were home-made meatballs served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.

Red Velvet Cake
The ultimate cake covered in cream cheese frosting, topped with meringues and sprinkled with chocolate powder - nuff said! 

Party Styling & Printables: Dindindies
Printing & Lasering: Screen Speed
Catering: Levi's Granny & Mum 
Birthday Cake: Levi's Granny, Laurin from Party Box & Althea
Setup Team/Helpers: John a.k.a. Daddy, Ouma, Aunty Colleen, Uncles Matt & Dan, Ross, Sian

Thursday, November 14, 2013

{Inspiration} Free Thanksgiving Printables

We have a great treat for those of you out there celebrating Thanksgiving - Free Printables! Kim from Imagine - Design - Cre8 has come up with these super cute printables that can be used in so many ways. Here are some of our ideas. 

We used the wall paper from the printables set to wrap around the candles first before tying on the leaves. The candles are just regular white ones purchased from Ikea. 

You know how much we love our bunting here at Chocolate Fish. Bunting just makes everything more festive! This mini bunting works really well on these lanterns or you could use it as cake bunting. 

It's not Thanksgiving with our pumpkin. These ones are from the Wholesale Fruit and Veggie market and are far cheaper than what you will find in the supermarket here. 

How cute is this garland! This is made from the toppers in the free printable package. To download all the printables including banner, water bottle labels, food labels, and mini bunting click here

Sunday, November 10, 2013

{Party Time} Decorate a Truck or Castle

We love our Decorate a Truck or Castle activity. It is such a good activity to keep kids of all ages happy. It is especially good when you need an activity that will appeal to a wide age range. Older children get involved with the design and details where as the younger ones are happy to slap paint all over it and start playing! It is totally manageable for all this to be happening at once too. 

We provide everything you need to create your very own castle or ice cream truck. Includes a cardboard castle/truck, paint pots, paint, brushes, aprons and tables to lay everything out on. For more details click here and scroll down until you find Decorate a Truck or Castle.