Tuesday, October 8, 2013

{Party Time} Science Party

What better party theme for an inquisitive 8 year old than science!? And what a fantastic theme to keep a bunch of 8 years olds busy for a few hours. 

After deciding on a colour scheme of blue and green with some orange and yellow thrown in to brighten things up, we went to work. It was great fun coming up with different ideas that all related back to science. 

The table setting looked great with a lime green table cloth and all the other colours adding in to give it vibrancy. The guests all received a professor name badge / Laboratory ID on arrival and then got to work on their science experiments. 

The guests had a blast with the science experiments. They started with talking about freezing points and making ice cream, then they looked at chemical and physical reactions by making giant geysers with Mentos and diet soda. The young scientists learned about decibels and got to measure some sound and then finished by making a periscope (and doing a little spying on each other from behind the table). Of course we finished the party with a piñata because you know how much we love a piñata! 

For the food we went for traditional party food. The menu included mac & cheese, chicken sliders, string cheese (the string cheese theory went over the children's head but I was amused by it!), sausage rolls and spring rolls. 

On the sweet side of things there were colour coordinated M&Ms, jelly beans and amazing test tube cookies.

Abby from Simply Sugar Designs made these amazing cup cake toppers that we used on lemon meringue cupcakes. Usually we take the safe option and go for vanilla or chocolate cupcakes but it was refreshing to see the children gobble these up. 

On the drinks side of things we couldn't really go wrong with toxic lemonade. Of course the boys thought this was fabulous! 

Take home goodies were toxic waste treats and more amazing cookies by Abby! (along with their hand made ice cream and periscope).

Cookies & Cupcake Toppers by Simply Sugar Designs
Printables by Imagine | Design | Cre8


  1. Congratulations, everything looks amazing! I love the colorful trays, can you find then in Doha?

  2. Some of the trays are from Doha and some from abroad. It is hit and miss if you find these things in Doha!