Sunday, September 15, 2013

{Party Time} Lego Party


What better theme for a Lego crazy 6 year old. With it's fun, bright colours Lego is a great theme for a 'big kid's' party. We wanted the celebration be original and colourful. It is easy to pick a colour palette when it comes to Lego as there are so many colours to choose from. We went for red and yellow with lots of other bright colours thrown in. The printables were a highlight of the setting as they added in the very recognisable Lego font. The birthday boy helped out by making lots of Lego 'projects' for the cake table. 

With the theme being Lego it wasn't too difficult to come up with some activities. The party started with the children watching an episode of one the Lego TV shows. As the guests arrived there were given a bag of popcorn and shown to their seats. It was a great way to start the party as by the end of the 20 minute episode all the children had arrived. This was followed by more fun and games including tower building, pass the parcel, guess the number of Lego pieces in the jar  and then dinner. 

I am a great believer in giving a meal for dinner (or lunch) at children's parties as it is less fussy and creates far less waste. The children had Hot Dogs and Chips along with specially packaged tomato sauce. Dessert was home made Lego brick cake and super cute marshmallow pops. 

Following dinner and cake and to end the party on a high note we did the pinata which is always a hit. The pinata was a giant red Lego block. 

Take home treats were a real treat! We introduced our new Stuffed Balloon party favours. What a hit they were. See our post later in the week to get the low down on them. The children got to take home a stuffed balloon and a divine Lego cookie. 

Cookies & Marshmallow Pops by Simply Sugar Designs
Printables by Imagine | Design | Cre8

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