Friday, September 20, 2013

{New & Exciting} Take Home Treats

We decided it was time for some fresh and original take home treats! We have so many Mum's telling us they don't want to send the kids home with loads of candy but didn't know what else to do. We put our thinking caps on and came up with some fun and original ideas. 

First off we have Stuffed Balloons. We trailed this at a recent Lego party (coming to the blog soon) and what it was a huge hit! Not only is it a take home treat but it is a great activity to keep the children engaged. The guests get to choose what goes inside their balloons and the colours of the long balloons that also get stuffed in and then the balloon is assembled for them there and then on the spot using the magic balloon stuffing machine.  They are now on our web site under activities. 

Next up we have wonderful bright coloured capes. They are great for boys and girls and come in various colours. And lastly some very cute mermaid tails that are attached to elastic so very easy for children to get on and off. 

Take a look at our web site for all the details and pricing. 
Stuffed balloons - here
Mermaid tails and capes - here

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