Tuesday, September 20, 2016

{Party Time} Shopkins

Here are some fun photos of a Shopkins party we did recently for the madly obsessed Brooke's 6th Birthday. We went for hot pink and white so we could give her a good old girlie bash while also mixing in the Shopkins. Kookie Cookie is her favorite so we made sure she featured! 

Along with face painting the guests also enjoyed our fun and games activity and a custom made Kookie Cookie pinata. The perfect amount of fun to fill in a party. 

The food was kept simple. On arrival the kids were treated to candy floss and then for lunch they had hotdogs and fries along with an ice cream sundae station. We are always encouraging parents to serve children a meal at parties as it usually works out to be the most economical option and with the least amount of waste. The little details like the sauce pots (bottom left corner in the above picture) add to the festivity of the event. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

{Bridal Shower} 1950's inspired Bridal Shower

We get to work with some super fab clients! This bridal shower was inspired by the brides love of 1950s glamour. We loved the sophisticated monochrome palate that was used and the touches of hollywood. We were also lucky enough to get to work in a totally empty white room which enhanced the glamour and sophistication of the event. 

We used some silhouette images of some of the top hollywood starlets of the 1950s along with pictures of them and quotes from them tied to the end of the balloons to add a bit of hollywood glamour to the shower. It was a lovely, subtle way to incorporate them without letting them overtake the whole theme.  

Little details like the bride to be sign on her chair and custom banners allowed us to emphasis the bride in an understated way.  The mirrored table runner reflected light beautifully added a bit more glamour! 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

{Baby Love} Blooming Marvelous Baby Shower

Unlike lots of other party blogs almost all the parties you see on this blog are real parties we do for clients. This sometime means we don't have fabulous professional photos (although sometimes we are lucky enough to get them) and todays posts is one with DIY photographs.  We loved it so much we wanted to post a few pictures so please forgive the poor pictures.  

This is a Blooming Marvelous baby shower we did for one of our favorite about to be Mums! The strong black and white stripes contrast with the bight colored flowers perfectly. 

You may have already realised that we are in love with the trend of naked cakes. Naked cakes are pared-down creations that forgo fondant and too much buttercream to allow the texture of the cake to show through. This one was decorated with flowers to match the theme and one of our custom cake toppers. It is a really good option especially if you want to move away from the traditional vanilla or chocolate cake and go for something a bit different like carrot or lemon meringue.

We loved how the paper flowers turned out. We can't wait to do an all white version of this! Matching the fresh flowers with the paper flowers all worked perfectly. We always love fresh flowers and are very keen on the new trend of casual looking flower arrangements for events. It worked perfectly here. The black and white background added an touch of sophistication and allowed the colour in the flowers to pop

Paper flowers by The Flower Girls

Friday, September 2, 2016

{Corporate Event} Bright Beginnings Nursery Open Day

Lately we have been asked to do more and more corporate work. We have done a few product launches and in-store events which make a fun change for us. Todays blog is to showcase an open day we helped out with earlier in the year for a lovely bright and airy new nursery in Muaither, Doha called Bright Beginnings. The open day was based on a hot air balloon theme which is also incorporated in their logo. 

Events like this can be tricky as you are focussed on engaging two groups of people who want totally different things! The children want to have fun and be engaged in activities and the parents need to be able to gather information and have uninterrupted time talking to administrators and teachers.  This event managed to keep everyone happy! 

We provided a few activities for children and of course the nursery had great activities of their own on offer. There were quiet areas for the parents to attend a presentation and snack on goodies while being able to ask questions and getting all the information they needed. 

It is important with events like this that there is a strong brand identity and that the event is fun and interactive for participants so they go away with a good feeling about the brand and the organization. We can customize anything! We provided these very cute customized crayons (bottom left in the above picture) for the children to take home with them which will keep the event in there minds well after it was over. And lovely customized candles individually packaged for the parents (below in the yellow boxes).  

If you are looking for something a bit different for your next product launch, open day or corporate event be sure to contact us, we can do everything from small intimate events though to large scale exhibitions and corporate extravaganzas. 

Photos by AppleSnaps. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

{Party Time} Mickey Mouse Club House

Another delightful afternoon for a sweet one year old. It's fun reworking a theme thats been around for a while. Mickey Mouse has such a great colour palate to work with. Red, yellow and black always looks so striking together. For this party we went more with the Mickey Mouse Club House than just straight Mickey Mouse. 

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful garden to work in which made a lovely backdrop for the party. It also meant there was plenty of room for the children to run around and play. 

Guests got to snack on candy and popcorn while they played games in the garden and decorated cupcakes. The cupcake decorating station and the paint a truck area were very popular and kept everyone entertained. Guests also got to choose their treats for the balloon stuffing (although its hard to keep them from popping them straight away!).

One of our signature photo booths was available for guest. The end result makes such a great take home treat and its a fun activity to keep everyone entertained throughout the party.  

Photos by Trisha Clancy