Monday, March 2, 2015

{Party Time} Retro Travel Christening

This was something different for us! It was a christenings party for a sweet little boy who was christened at 4 months old. It was a fun theme of retro travel but due to a terrible weather forecast we had to move inside at the last minute. It is always a bit tricky changing things up at the last minute for a new venue but we were lucky that it all came together in the end. 

We loved the back drop to the cake and candy table. The 3D effect uplifts it all and of course the design have a lovely retro feel to it. 

It was fun working on the signage. We have originally planned to have the set up include seating for 50 people but due to space restraints that wasn't possible. Luckily the bags with all the utensils, water and napkins worked well as a baggage claim so people could collect their food and then go to the baggage desk to get everything else they needed to eat. 

Our Photo Booth was as popular as ever! We had a great selection of retro travel related props so everyone was keen to have their 'passport photo' taken before heading home. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

{Party Time} Umizoomi

This Umizoomi party was a super fun theme that we recently did. We loved the brightly coloured pallet based on the TV show and the blast of colour. It was a big party for over 60 children.

The success of these big parties comes do to the variety of activities offered to keep the children busy. The children had time to move around various activities including Cookie Wand Decorating and Play Dough before spending an hour of fun and games and followed by a magic show and dinner. There were also bouncy castles and carnival games to keep everyone busy. 

Dinner was provided by Johnny Rockets great team. A choice between burgers, hotdogs and chicken tenders all served with french fries. Desert was a candy buffet and ice cream cones. 

The take home treats were are super popular stuffed balloons that were made on site. 

{Party Time} Love Feast!

Valentine's Day is a fun day to celebrate love and life.  Here are some cute pictures of a desert table we did for a small Valentine's Day movie party. We here at Chocolate Fish Parties love the combination of red & orange so we chose to go with that for our colour pallet with a healthy dose of pink thrown in. 

The party for 10 children started with a movie and our Doha famous movie theatre popcorn. And was followed by pizza and a selection of deserts from our fabulous desert table. 

We love these cute brownies in their own little packets - they are perfect for individual size portions. 

These cute cupcakes are lemon curd. They have a beautiful mouthful of lemon curd inside these bite size pieces. 

We loved these take home treats! A little packet of love for each child to take home.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

{Party Time} Cars

Cars has always been a popular Disney theme but we moved away from the traditional red and white and went for a more stylish black and white look. We were very lucky to be working in such a beautiful garden which made for a lovely backdrop for the party. 

The popcorn stand provided the children with something to snack on while they were painting and playing games. 

Our popular decorate a truck activity is the perfect activity for any transport related theme. The kids had a ball painting the entire truck inside and out! They had a break from it to do some fun & games before dinner and cake was served but went straight back to it after dinner.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

{Party Food} Banana Dogs

Banana Dogs are all the rage in our house at the moment. They are cheap, simple and nutritious. We do them in 3 flavours - peanut butter, 100's & 1000's and cinnamon & sugar. 

It is super easy - start with half a slice of shawarma bread (or other very thin bread) and lay a banana in the middle. Mash the banana slightly with a folk and then add either sprinkles, peanut butter or cinnamon & sugar. Roll up and eat. 

We have taken to making our own home made peanut butter as it is so difficult to find peanut butter in Doha without added sugar - I'll post how to do this next week.