Sunday, November 27, 2016

{PARTY TIME} Circus Party

We love a good circus party! This party was for a long standing client who always has great parties. She likes for the guests to be able to move around and engage in the activities they enjoy and stop for a bite to eat when they feel like it. This creates a very relaxed atmosphere where everyone moves around and enjoys the festive offerings. 

A circus themed party is perfect when you have siblings of different ages or genders celebrating together like we did here. The colour scheme was a slight variation on the traditional red, white and blue used for circus parties, we stuck with the red and white but switch the blue to black along with a splash of bright colours just to mix things up a bit. The marquee lights were perfect for this set up! It gave the party a slight retro feel. 

A cake table always adds a sense of occasion to an event but this one also added a sense of fun. The children got to chose their own cake and went with this delightful clown.  

Our different food stations worked perfectly for this party. The guests moved around the different activities and then went and got food when they were hungry. It's a good way to manage things when you have a lot of guests rather than trying to feed everyone all at once. 

There were lots of great activities on offer including face painting, art station, paper craft, caricaturist, pony rides, soft play and of course fun and games because it isn't a party without games! 

And last but not least was our popular photo booth. Our new set up provides lots of entertainment as well as great photos for the guests. Children of all ages can navigate it and have loads of fun adding filters to their photos before printing them to take home. 

We are so excited to have one of our favourite photographers back in town to provide us will beautifully photos. Check her our here -

Saturday, November 19, 2016

{PARTY TIME} Tropical Party!

We loved working on this party. Such a fun theme! This tropical party was for the delightful Fatima who had lots of her own ideas that she wanted to be incorporated into the party. She asked for a contemporary take on the luau theme. 

The colour scheme worked so well against the natural colours of the leaves, rattan and the wood look canopy and photo booth back drop. 

Our new low to the ground table setting with cushions was perfect for this theme. It allowed for a relaxed, beach like atmosphere and was perfect for the guest to lounge around at before and after their meal. 

Like all our set ups the popcorn and candy floss station was tied into the theme. Everyone enjoyed snacking on them between activities. 

The activities included our popular fun & games session and the guests also got to decorate their own cupcakes and cookies. And our new photo booth was a total hit! As there were lots of older guests they got the hang of the touch screen quickly and loved playing around with it adding filters to their pictures and printing them off. This wooden look backdrop was perfect for the pictures, it gave them a real rustic beach feel. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016


We love a stylish Halloween party here at CF. Sometimes it is fun to go for the traditional Halloween set up and other times its nice to do something totally different. For this BOO party we went for something different using a colour combo of purely black, white and purple. We used a few different shades of purple to give a little more depth. 

As polka dots are not at all in the Halloween tradition they added a bit of fun to the look and a feeling of spontaneity. It is always nice to be surprised by the set up of a traditional theme. 

We were so excited to launch our new photo booth at this party. We have maintained our stylish set up that can be customized to any party but added in a fun DIY photo booth. And of course we can customized the boarders on the photos. Our attendance manages everything to ensure great photos every time! 

Even though we love a nicely styled party what really makes a party are the activities. We had the traditional popcorn and candy floss for the guest to help themselves to while they moved around the different activities. There was face painting, our popular paint a truck and bouncy castles along with games and a magic show. And like all good parties this one ended with a pinata! The details of how activities are presented make such a difference and tie everything together nicely. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

{Bridal Shower} Henna Party

We really enjoyed working on this henna party. For those of you who follow us from abroad and don't know what a henna party is it is a bit like a hen's night. A few nights before the wedding the bride and her close girlfriends and female family members will gather together to get their henna done for the wedding. 

It was great to work with the trendy colour pallet of orange and pink. We used henna designs in orange on the pink background and vice versa. For the floral arrangements we went entirely with roses in different shades of pink and orange. We tried not to make the arrangements too formal to keep things a little playful in line with the colour scheme.  

The sequined orange table runners added a bit sparkle to the set up offset the flowers perfectly. The lovely middle eastern style table lanterns in pink and orange fitted perfectly with the henna theme. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

{Party Time} Fiesta

If you have been following us for a while now you will know we love a good fiesta! This one was a more contemporary take on the theme. We went for bright bold colors and lots of cactus! We have developed a bit of am obsession with cactus (some of you may have already noticed that!). 

The birthday boy wanted a churro cake. A plain cake that tastes a bit like the Mexican donuts and is coated in cinnamon and sugar. It worked really well with our custom cake toppers. The children who liked more traditional cake got to have cupcakes. 

We used our low to the ground set up with floor cushions. It is a fun set up for both little kids and older ones. It also works well in small spaces. 

We used cactus in every way possible. We made them to look like pinatas, we had photograph cut out of them, cactus cupcakes that were hard to distingue form the real thing, we had blow up ones, wooden ones and we had the real thing! The cactus cupcakes (on the cake stand above and below right between two real ones) were made by the talented Sylvie from Sisslos Cakes and were fabulous. You can find her on or on Instagram as sissloscakes.

The food was easy! We served Nacho's along with some Mexican rice and corn. There was also a selection of empanadas which are always a big hit. 

Our custom cut out signage worked perfectly for this theme and we used it for everything form the invite to the nachos banner and thank you tags. The children got to take home a packet of hot tamales (spicy cinnamon sweets) and a mini cactus from the table set up.